The belief that everything is possible he brought with him from the United States. The founder genes he has from a grandfather in Telemark, Norway.

Lloyd Sundstøl. He lives in Norway, is Norwegian, has Norwegian family, has been a Norwegian farmer, runs his own Norwegian company. But calls himself incurably American.

I've tried, but seriously failed when it comes to becoming a Norwegian", says the entrepreneur who lives in Notodden.

To understand, we must return to the mid 70's. To Åmotsdal, a small mountain village in Telemark. That's when Lloyd came home to Norway, seven years old, with his Norwegian parents. Until then he had lived all his life in New York.

«I was encourage to believe in myself»
Lloyd Sundstøl

"It was firmly instilled in me that everyone is responsible for their own success. I was told to believe in myself and my dreams. This philosophy has followed me all my life", says an engaged Sundstøl.


Although Lloyd Sundstøl has never felt completely Norwegian, he remained in the motherland and followed his dreams and entrepreneurial instincts. In his adult life, he tried his hand at eco farming and started his own security company in Notodden. Always willing to try something new to make things smarter.

"I have the American courage and an overdose of founder genes from my grandfather on my mother's side. When doing something that Norwegians consider against all odds, that’s when I thrive", says Sundstøl.


One thing that Sundstøl had noticed through out his many endeavors was how road renovation was done.

«I thought; they are removing the old road. Why can’t they just reuse the road on site?».

Thus, the basic idea of Crusher was born. The company was founded in 2005. The business idea was to recycle roads where they are located.

«I have always been into recycling. Reuse of things or use them for something new. Instead of cutting away and throwing out old road material (asphalt, etc), it is far more reasonable to crush it and mix it with stone and other materials on the spot in order to reuse it. Everything can be reused. Instead of transporting old loads of weight back and forth, we ship machinery and binder and use the meterial already available on site», says Lloyd Sundstøl.


"But it has been a diffucult journey, to put it that way. Developing machines capable of ‘chewing up’ roads in Norwegian conditions has not been easy", he admits.

Over the years, in collaboration with experts in various disciplines, Lloyd has worked to developed a machine that "pulverizes" and recovers road material. In 2014, he made his breakthrough, which has resulted in increased sales and has lead to new opportunities to further develop the company and the method. Today he has built several machines, has expanded the workforce and has carried out projects throughout the country.

«Problems are there to be crushed»
Lloyd Sundstøl


Sundstøl is constantly working to improve the company, the method and the product. With special machines for road maintenance in Norwegian conditions, the job is done with superb efficiency. Crusher has become an important partner for other players in the industry.

– We can skip several middlemen, which means that a project becomes cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly, says Lloyd.

Sundstøl raises his eyes beyond Norway's borders and seeks out new opportunities.

Too good to be true?

- No, not at all. Problems are there to be crushed, concludes an engaged Sundstøl.